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Garment Care

Quick Fixes - Rips, Tears and Stains

So you have a tear, or a button’s gone - now what? We’re staunch believers in fixing things, and having the skills to do so. Keep a needle and thread (black, blue, white and grey are most useful) at home so you’re ready if something does happen. You can find instructions on simple mending techniques on the internet or (even better) ask your mother or grandmother to show you how - it’s a great way to spend some bonding time and shows that you value their skills. If something needs to be mended and it’s outside your skillset (say a torn crotch or broken zip), take the garment in question to a tailor or dry-cleaner who can help you have it fixed.

A simple tear can be stitched closed on the inside of the garment. Bring the two edges of fabric together and use a whip-stitch - this goes through the fabric and then up and over, keep repeating until the tear is closed. Darning is also relatively easy to do; this woven stitch technique is used for fixing small holes. Most of the garments we sell come with a spare button or two, and these can be sewed back in place with ease.

Just like rips and tears, stains are also a part of life. Remember to always use cold water when tackling these - hot water sets stains, and you don’t want that. For particularly bad food stains, use dishwashing detergent as it breaks down food particles. Red wine is another common issue, often fixed by immediately soaking the item in soda water - the bubbles push the stain out of the fabric. The main tactic when it comes to any stains is to act fast!

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