How did you and Kelly meet and how long have you been together?

Kelly and I first met at middle school when we were 15. We were “friends” for a few years and that soon blossomed into a romance. Now we’ve been together just shy of 10 years and are the best of mates! I’ve even converted Kelly into a Crusaders fan. 

Tell us a bit about your proposal.

Early on in our relationship, I challenged Kelly that if she defeated me in a game of mini-golf that I would propose. On several occasions, she came close, but I had to take things into my own hands. I planned for us to go for a picnic in the alpine village of Castle Hill. It was here that I down on one knee, and popped the question.

What was the direction for styling you and your groomsmen?

I decided early on that I wanted a classic black tuxedo look, to match Kelly’s white dress. I must admit I was a little inspired by my folks who had also gone for the timeless look about thirty years prior. With respect to our groomsmen, we decided a light grey blazer with Parisian black bowties would pop on the blokes and complement the natural sage dresses for the bridesmaids. The Barkers staff of Lennox and Ben were superb at giving advice and assisting us with our overall look. We appreciated their input in helping us complete the look we had envisioned.

Favourite details of the day?

My favourite details of the day were getting to have the wedding and celebrating with all the people we love in one room! It was a little stressful as it fell in the middle of two lockdowns and turned out to be a mini-miracle of sorts! It was also really special getting ready with my groomsmen and sharing a drink before the ceremony. Other than that, it was awesome to signify the big day with some personalised rock candy. This was pretty special as it was the same branded rock candy I had first given Kelly back when we were 15.

Advice to grooms planning a wedding?

Enjoy yourself and include all your mates! Find things you really like and incorporate them into your day. For me, it was being able to express my personality through a pair of crazy cufflinks or signing the register to a classical remix of 80’s banger ‘Africa’. Also, don’t be afraid to go suit shopping, especially if it’s with Barkers. They make it super easy. I had a larger party of guys who lived all over New Zealand and they made the process a walk in the park. Go for a bigger wedding party because there are more people to create life-long memories and party with.