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What is power fill?

Fill power determines the loft or ‘fluffiness’ of down. Higher fill power reflects better quality down that’s capable of trapping more air and providing a better warmth to weight ratio.

For example: The fill power number for your jacket comes from a standardised lab test and indicates how many cubic inches one ounce of down occupies with a standard weight resting upon it. A higher number means the down takes up more space and is capable of trapping more air.

If you choose a down jacket with a higher fill power number, your jacket will be filled with larger, generally stronger down clusters which are able to trap more air and give you more warmth for its weight. It'll also be lighter than a lower fill power down jacket that has similar warmth, fabrics and design features.

Fill Power Rating
400-450 Medium
500-550 Good
550-750 Very Good
750-900 Excellent

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