Our linen supplier was established in 1979, and they have over sixteen years experience in manufacturing linen. Dedicated to producing sustainable linen yarn, implementing energy-saving and eco-friendly initiatives across the whole production process, we wanted to share their story with you.

The factory produces linen yarn for manufacturers and customers all around the world. They pride themselves on quality and also being a responsible producer. All their linen is sourced from one of the world's best linen-growing regions, Seine-Martime in France. It can be traced right back to the seed.

In 2016, they became the first company to use the Italian Loris Bellini SR, which was the latest energy-saving, water-saving bleaching boiler. Quick to adopt new strategies and technology, this helps their mission of being efficient producers.

They also work with other likeminded and actioned companies to achieve a 'zero release' of hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing process. Natural gas steam boilers have replaced traditional ones fuelled by coal and this switch resulted in a 36% decrease in carbon emissions.

We were also excited to hear about their future plans to use straw bobbins for yarn-spinning, to replace their current plastic ones. Straw bobbins can be decomposed when worn, recycled and also reduces the use of petroleum, waste-creation and minimises pollution output.

We're really proud to be partnering with such a responsible manufacturer dedicated to making change and being leaders in their industry. We have a cool collection of linen threads dropping throughout spring and summer that we can't wait to share.