This week, we’re pleased to introduce you to the first edition of the 1972 Journal, a condensed version of our quarterly magazine, 1972. Think of it as 1972’s little brother.

I don’t know about you, but winter really got away on me. I had plans, I had projects, I had dreams of making good use of winter’s downtime, but, in reality I hunkered down and tried to stay warm, spending time with the family, cooking, and reading books and watching TV. It’s what winter’s good for.

But, as the clouds part, the weather breaks, and spring arrives, it’s time to set start new tasks and set out on new adventures.

So enjoy this quick update about what we’ve been up to at Barkers: Barkers’ essential spring pieces, some hi-tech urban commuter wear from Levis, new suiting options, grooming tips and a half-cut travel yarn from the beaches of Indonesia. Oh, and a look at our forthcoming Ponsonby Road Store where you can get a coffee, a shave and a suit and some very special toast.

We won’t be mailing this one to you, so look out for 1972 Journal at a Barkers store near you from this week – including our new stores in Ponsonby (29th of September) and Whangarei (mid October).

We’ll be back to our scheduled programming in a couple of months, ready for summer.