In 1972, Barkers’ founders established an enduring legacy that we continue today. The Barkers namesake is synonymous with style and a fighting spirit, a desire to evolve and never give up. It’s etched into our DNA and woven into every garment. With summer comes action on the water, there’s no better time to celebrate our heritage and what makes our pioneering figures great.

Heading out to Murrays Bay Sailing Club, we met with Barker’s founder Ray and his son, legendary helmsman Dean Barker. A backdrop of great significance to both men, the Murrays Bay Sailing Club is where Dean’s passion for sailing was originally fostered with many hours spent on the water perfecting the skills he is revered for mastering. Both pioneers in their fields, it only felt right to have this father son duo grace our MADE OF LEGENDS campaign with Ray being a legend in the ragtrade and Dean, a praised kiwi sailing icon.

Celebrating the rich history that Barkers has had in New Zealand for almost 50 years, our latest collection is based on seasons passed dating back to Ray’s original designs and gives a nod to the legacy of the Barkers name. From our iconic heritage track pants to rugby polos, we’re continually looking ahead but will always make a point to acknowledge what makes us uniquely kiwi. ­

A short ten minute drive from Murrays Bay Sailing Club, you’ll find our Albany store aptly named ‘Yacht Club’. Fit-out to celebrate New Zealand’s world class yachting achievements and prowess on the water, our Albany store homes Dean Barkers first P-Class boat ‘Evolution’.

A boat admired by both Ray and Dean prior to being purchased in the late ‘80s, Dean went on to win the Tanner Cup and Tauranga Cup in ‘Evolution’ and was reunited with the boat in 2012 on his 40th birthday. Now taking pride of place in our Albany store, it’s an honour to have ‘Evolution’ on show for all to see.