What did you enjoy about designing at this scale?

It is relatively small compared with some of the projects that I undertake. I think of it as a short film, not a full length feature. It allows the project to be a little more creative.

How do you define good design?

Like all things it is an individual subjective perspective of what is appealing. I like the simplicity of good design, especially when things are pared back and look deceptively simple. But you just know so much has gone in behind the scenes - much like my Tent House: the structure and steel work beneath the surface is quite phenomenal.
Design works well when it's strong and simple, very much like the black Barkers shirts that I have in my wardrobe which have become a go-to work look for a number of years now. 

Which architects, design period and creative endeavours inspire you?

I am inspired by the mid-century American architects from the Palm Springs era and style, where simple forms
and landscape collide with dramatic results.

It’s obvious that the general sense of reduction also extends to the colour palette, is this a theme in your design aesthetic?

A lot of my work is in black or white with limited material selection.
Think of using three good ingredients in cooking - my work is much like this.

What makes a good customer?

Someone with an amazing site, an open mind and an open cheque book.

Where do you start when designing a building, what is your process?

I always start with the outside - how will this look finished, how will the landscape work with the building.
Never forget how it will look during the process.

What do you enjoy most during the construction process?

It's the unexpected challenges that you have to find solutions for. It is so interesting, stimulating, everyday you can learn something new. Problem solving and dealing with people, so I guess the job ticks all the boxes.

What are you working on now and what would be your dream project?

I am working on a few apartment buildings and high end residential projects. My dream job is a big public building for everyone to enjoy.

What excites you most about the future of residential architecture in New Zealand?

The landscape and sites that we get to work on can be so amazing and beautiful, which most definitely adds
to the beauty of the building. Watching New Zealand architecture grow up and come into its own on the international stage is pretty cool.

Could you please list what notable furniture features in the house?

I think the amazing Pony McTate handcrafted rug really makes the house pop. The other standout pieces
in my house are the Casala Casillino white chairs - their form is so beautiful and the connection to the stair case
is sublime. They complement the Knoll Tulip Table perfectly. The furniture was quite challenging - it took a while
to get the right pieces in form, size and colour and not all whites are equal. I chose mainly white in some type
of theoretical attempt to make the furniture secondary to the building.