What makes a good mate?

Somebody that you can rely on, that won't let you down? Somebody that you can take anywhere and trust that they will fit in? Somebody that will be around for years and maintain their qualities that initially brought you together?

We believe all of the above, and that the same calibre of standards should apply to your denim. But just like people, the amount of different types and styles of jeans out there can make finding the right pair for you difficult, especially because they can't crack a dry joke to break the introductory ice. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to break down our favourite go-to pair of jeans for this season, which if cared for correctly, will age just as well as yourself.

"Raw denim, also known as dry or unwashed denim, is denim that has not undergone any of the usual washing and distressing processes. It comes straight off the loom and is cut and sewn into jeans and then sold to you. It is stiff with a deep blue color and has a distinctive sheen."

Straight from Google, but straight to the point. Raw denim is an ageless style due to it not being washed or distressed with techniques that may not be fashionable in a few years time. Due to its dark indigo colour, raw
denim is extremely versatile and easily dresses up with a shirt and blazer for social functions, but then when paired with a basic white tee you can achieve a timeless weekend look (don't be afraid to tuck the tee in either, just rock a decent belt). You may have heard the phrase "breaking in your denim" before, which refers to the process of how
to wear and care for your jeans once you've bought them. There are a hundred different methods from various
sources of how to break in your jeans, from blatantly obvious to the outright strange (attempting as much exercise as possible in your jeans so the sweat molds them to the shape of your legs).

To save you the hassle of sifting through the internet for a reliable guide to breaking in your denim, here's our approach...

Step 1: Find a size of jeans that fits perfectly to your waist, as denim stretches with wear.
It's always safer to stay on the tight side.

Step 2: Do an initial cold wash to remove any excess indigo from the surface of the jeans that could rub off onto
that lovely cream sofa. Turn the jeans inside out to avoid any excessive loss of colour,
which you should do every time you wash your jeans. If you're thinking of shortening your jeans, this initial wash also confirms the length that they will actually be, as there's always a chance of slight shrinkage with raw denim. Remember, denim is a unique garment in terms of the way that it holds its colour, and will fade with the natural contours and pressure points on your legs. This is the beauty of raw denim - you start with a blank canvas and the natural wash of the jean will be unique to you.

Step 3: Start wearing those bad boys. Denim is designed to be worn hard, and almost anywhere.
There are plenty of theories on how often you should wash your jeans; some say weekly; some say never.
We say that unless you want to lose friends, you need to take some action against the natural build up of sweat,
dirt and bacteria that will cause odour and break the fabric down. Machine washing your jeans often will gradually cost you in both their colour and stiffness, so pop them in the freezer overnight to kill the nasties and the smell for
a temporary fix. Wash them once a month under extreme circumstances when you've been heavily active in them.

Step 4: A washing line right in the sun is great for most garments, but not denim. The sun will cause the colour to fade fast, so try to dry them in a shaded area and never put them in the dryer as they will most likely shrink.

Step 5: Continue to wear your raw denim! These will become your go-to's for almost everything, and people will most likely ask you where you got your jeans from because they look damn good.
Also we don't mind if you'd like to pass a few of these tips on to yours mates now that you're clued up.

Our Grove Slim and Straight Raw Jean is a new Autumn/Winter release, featuring traditional 5 pocket styling,
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