What’s your role at Barkers?
My role is ‘lead designer”, basically I get involved in anything to do with brand look and feel, as well as sneaky t-shirt and pattern design on the side.

How long have you been at Barkers?
6 months now..

What’s involved in a typical day at Barkers?
My days vary greatly but they usually start off with a lovely get together with my pals in the Marketing department
to discuss the day's requirements and any other larger projects we have on the go. I’d could work on anything from
an email newsletter through to new season brand ideas on any given day.

What’s your go-to work attire?
Classic Adidas trainers, slim blue jeans, crisp buttoned down shirt or polo finished off with a Harrington jacket.

Whose style do you admire?
A tough question this one. Way back in the 90s I was a Britpop Boy enthralled to the Gallagher brothers from Oasis. I still love the Mod / Football casual clothing references.

What wardrobe item would you struggle to live without?
Easy. Slim blue jeans.

What was your last purchase?
Clothing wise I just bought myself a new suit. But my last purchase always tends to be a record as I spend way
too many lunch times at Real Groovy Records. Last purchase there was King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s "Paper Mâché Dream Balloon".

Favourite gig venue in NZ?
The St. James.

The last song you listened to?
“One Club Town” - Real Lies.

Greatest weakness?
Buying way too much Lego for my son.

What’s the best part about the job?
Working on such varied projects but tying it all back to a menswear brand.

Did you always want to work in design? How did you get your start?
When I was at school to be honest I didn’t even know “Graphic Design” was a thing. I got into it through my music obsession which lead me to wanting to know who created the covers and posters of my favourite bands and how they created them. I studied at the Media Design School and got a break soon after at an independent Advertising/Design agency as the studio junior working on mainly rural clients selling things like fertiliser (LOL), my spare time was taken up doing band and club night posters.

If you weren’t in design what would you be doing?
Wildest dreams - scoring a goal at the Kop end at Anfield for Liverpool. But probably most likely either working in the music industry, I had a 5 year spell working in Record stores in Auckland and London before I went back to being a student to study design. Or doing something with that Philosophy degree I got from Auckland University (Because there are loads of jobs for Philosophers).

What do you get up to in the weekends?
Weekends mainly consist of hanging with my awesome wee lad Angus, interspersed with riding my bike and watching football if the season is on.

Favourite place to eat and drink in Auckland?
Favourite place to have a drink is Freida Magolia’s in West Lynn mainly because its with strolling distance of my house and there isn’t a proper pub near me. Favourite place to eat is Ortolana.

Who would you like to share a whiskey with?
Another tough question, any one or combination of the following Bradley Wiggins, Noel Gallagher,
PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Paul Smith, Bobby Gillespie or Daniel Day Lewis.

Any other dreams or future plans?
Hatching a plan/dream with some friends to buy a place in Lisbon, Portugal. We've heard that you can buy a whole apartment building for fairly cheap, so imagining the antics that would go on is always a good daydream.