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Garment Care

Wearing and Washing Denim

A famously hardy fabric, denim is a woven fabric made from cotton. Its distinctive twill weave makes it a strong textile, perfect for jeans and jackets. This durable fabric is made even sturdier through the traditional construction of jeans, which utilises thick thread, flat fell seams and metal rivets.

During the dying process of blue denim, the indigo dye coats only the outside of the thread; this is why blue jeans fade with wear - a good sign of a favourite pair and a true jean lover. Coloured denim and black denim doesn’t tend to fade as much as traditional blue jeans.

Some jeans may contain a small percentage of stretch, like lycra. This gives them more comfort and move-ability, however it does make them more susceptible to stretching.

Avoiding washing your denim unless really necessary, as washing makes your jeans fade quicker - embrace the signs of wear that give denim character. When they do need a clean however, use a washing machine and put them on a cold cycle. Cold water helps protect their colour (as does turning your jeans inside out) and also saves power. Jeans can also be hand-washed using cold water and mild detergent - just leave them to soak for a few hours and then scrub any noticeable stains and marks.

As always, we recommend air drying your denim - try to do so out of direct sunlight to preserve their colour. That said, a hot dryer does help jeans (especially those with some stretch) return to their original shape. Avoid dry-cleaning your denim as this will change and weaken the fabric.

If hung to dry properly, denim shouldn’t need an iron - although we understand if you like your jeans super crisp; as it’s a dense, sturdy fabric denim can withstand a hot iron, although be careful if there’s a synthetic content. Once ready to put away, either hang or fold your jeans. Denim jackets should be hung, although these can be folded too if need be.

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