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Garment Care

General Clothing Care Advice

We see all clothing purchases as something of an investment; after all, you’ve put in the time to find and choose something you like, so you want to put the same effort into keeping it looking its best. This is where considered garment care comes in - how you handle this will impact the lifespan of your clothes and the quality of your wardrobe (not to mention your power and water bills). Be smart about it.

A big part of a garment’s carbon footprint is formed after its purchase - things like using a hot wash and dryer make that footprint larger. We recommend being conservative with the frequency of washing, and utilizing methods such as spot cleaning if a stain is small. Don’t use a dryer unless it’s your only option - and remember, the clothesline doesn’t turn up on your power bill! Where possible, aim to use natural laundry products as these are gentler on your clothes, skin and the environment.

Hand-washing is a good skill to learn, and useful for garments like thin cotton shirts and woolen jumpers. Simply fill a bucket or tub with warm water and a little laundry liquid, agitate the garment in the water and then leave it to soak for anywhere between 30 minutes and a couple of hours. Then tackle any leftover stains, wring out the dirty water and rinse the garment in clean water. Repeat as necessary until both the water and garment are clean, then wring dry.

Correct clothes storage also helps extend the life of a garment - think proper hangers and folding, rather than chucking things in the corner in a pile (it has the added benefit of making your personal space look ship shape).

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