In 1965, the cultural landscape of the United States was alive with revolution. Citizens began to think outside of what was generally accepted - new ideas both big and small were being born.
In California, a state renowned for its surf, sun and golden beaches, it was only a matter of time before guys started giving a damn about the appearance of their skin. That same year, Baxter of California became the pioneer of the world’s first male-specific grooming brands - announcing a revolution in men’s grooming.

Founded with only one product to their name – a sun protecting conditioner named Super Shape – Baxter now have a comprehensive range of male grooming products that define a culture of men who recognise the importance of appearance. Nutrient-enriched products infused with natural ingredients ensure that what you’re using is the real deal, but being armed with the knowledge on how to make the most out of them is equally important. 

Little known fact - the skin is our biggest organ, so the emphasis on skin care should be one ​of our biggest priorities. Here’s a quick video showcasing how easily the Baxter products work with each other to keep your skin looking on point.