In 1972, Barkers’ founders established an enduring legacy that we continue today. The Barkers namesake is synonymous with style and a fighting spirit, a desire to evolve and never give up. It’s etched into our DNA and woven into every garment. With summer comes action on the water, there’s no better time to celebrate our heritage and what makes our pioneering figures great.

Coveted by men and women since their release, there’s no denying Barkers track pants are standalone icons that play an integral part in the makeup of our DNA. Originally created by Ray Barker, our founder and namesake, what was initially a simple pair of track pants soon came to be the biggest trend of the early ‘90s for kiwi men and women alike.

With a simple mention of the name brings a flood of nostalgia to those who jumped on the trend back in the day and our latest collection pays homage to this legacy.

Selling up to 50,000 pairs in the first few years since their initial release, Ray Barker recalls how the iconic track pants were launched in a distinctly kiwi manner.

Smart marketing and advertising saw track pants seeded through high school First XVs and rowing eights, all custom embroidered with their school and team. Prior to social media and all the bells and whistles that come with 21st-century marketing, this grassroots ploy saw the iconic trackies skyrocket in popularity and is what we continue to celebrate almost 30 years later.

Like all good things, we’ve evolved with a fresh focus on sustainability and minimising our environmental impact. Bringing back the classic ‘90s trackies and staying true to the Barkers namesake, the return of the icons sees an updated cut in a modern fit, crafted in 100% organic cotton - a better alternative for both people and planet.