Fishing in New Zealand is a lifestyle. We fish to put food on the table, nourish our family, socialise with our friends, celebrate our cultural foundation and connect with the sea. LegaSea is an organisation standing up for the rights of every New Zealander to enjoy a healthy and abundant sea life. That’s why at Barkers, we’ve decided to form a tight relationship with LegaSea and give them all the support we can.

LegaSea is a well-established organisation campaigning for increased abundance in our inshore coastal fisheries for the benefit of all New Zealanders by highlighting wasteful and destructive bulk fishing practices such as trawling and educating all sectors on how to reduce their impact on our fish life.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the way we operate. We want to be a responsible company, lead the way and make a difference. Everything from the suppliers we choose and the fabrics we use, the packaging we implement and the organisations we support.

With our strong New Zealand roots, our own backdoor is critical and that’s why we’re Platinum Sponsors of LegaSea. We’ve produced a line of organic cotton tees and caps which we have been completely donated to LegaSea to help them raise funds to carry on their valuable work.

This means 100% of all proceeds from your purchase goes to LegaSea. This limited edition LegaSea x Barkers “Fish for the People” range is available by ordering directly through Marine Deals.

Learn more about LegaSea on their website. Better yet, purchase something from the range, and spread the word to show your support.