On Friday August 12, after a feverish few days, our latest concept store finally opened its doors. Barkers Studio follows hot on the heels of Barkers Garage (watch for a post on that soon) to become Barkers second concept theme store, located on Manners Mall in Wellington.

Based on the idea of a '70s music studio, the store features, amongst other things, a drum riser, a deconstructed mixing desk, stage lights, a drum stick chandelier - and an exhibition of Bruce Jarvis' iconic photography.

Jarvis worked at the Auckland Star in the '70s, and when he got off work in the early afternoon he'd shoot concerts in his spare time. Throughout that decade legends like Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones and many more ran through Auckland, leaving enraptured audiences in their wake.

Bruce was there to document those wild days, and we're thrilled to be hosting a selection of his most iconic images in our new Studio store. If you're in Wellington we'd love it if you came past and checked out the new concept - we've put a lot of thought into its execution, and think you'll love the result.

Below is a selection of shots of the new store - but do get along and see it for yourself - it's chocka with records, magazines and old recording paraphernalia - plus a hand-selected range of our spring collection.


Anyone interested in checking out more of Bruce's incredible work should click through to Jarvis Rock Legends Images, a website which shows and sells art prints of his most famous work. Check back soon for shots of Barkers Garage in Te Awa, Hamilton, plus news on our limited run tees for summer, the second issue of our in-house magazine 1972 and much more.