Four ways to update your style for a wedding

Although grounded in venerable traditions, men’s formalwear is constantly, subtly evolving — responding to new needs and desires. If you’re headed for a wedding this summer and looking to break away from the black suit or classic tux thing, consider one of these options.

A bluer blue

A suit in a vibrant primary colour is a bold look that designers love, especially for spring and summer. To try this style without upstaging anyone, opt for a suit in a lighter-than-navy, intense blue. A lighter shade of blue feels younger, looks especially good with tan shoes and accessories, as well as pastels, mustard, white and cream.

As seen at Gucci, Patrik Ervell, Giorgio Armani and Ermenegildo Zegna

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A suave check suit

A bit ‘English country gent’, a check suit makes an undeniable statement and, depending on how it’s styled, can be perfectly formal or characterful and eccentric. It’s an ultra-masculine look that contrasts well with floral corsages or Liberty-print pocket squares. Cut in a slim, modern silhouette, it looks great in rural and rustic settings.

As seen at Gucci, Versace, London Fashion Week Men’s street style, and Alexander McQueen.

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Is that stone or bone?

Matching your suit to a blushing bride or bridesmaid’s choice of lemon or pink can be tricky, but pale, elegant tones of cream, stone, beige and grey tend to go with anything, and are cooler in the heat of high summer. These soft tones also do double-duty paired with earthy colours (burgundy, navy, olive) in transitional months. A ‘greige’ blazer looks good with chinos or dark grey suit trousers, too.

As seen at Daks, Ferragamo, Fendi and on Johannes Huebl at London Fashion Week Men’s.

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Wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a wedding might seem like a renegade move, but can actually be perfect for a ceremony on the beach or in a garden setting. This year, designers have shown just how natural a Hawaiian or botanical print shirt can look under summer suiting. A slightly more formal option is a botanical print.

As seen at Paul Smith, Ovadia, Ami and at London Fashion Week Men’s on Darren Kennedy

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