Today is the official worldwide Earth Day but like many of you, we believe that it's what we do every day that makes the difference. While the planet might be getting a well-deserved break from the usual levels of worldwide production with us all "staying home", we are very aware that clear waterways and dolphins in Venice are not the norm.

Being kind on the planet and reducing our impact is at the forefront of what we do. We choose to use fabric made from natural fibres, 98% of our range is made up from cotton, wool and linen.

Why Natural Fibres?

Well in addition to their superior look and feel, where possible we choose to use responsibly sourced natural fibres because they are renewable and biodegradable. Natural textiles are far better for the environment than synthetics which are derived from petrochemicals.


100% of our t-shirt range is made from organic cotton, we choose to use this because the sustainability and health of the soil eco-system and people are at the heart of organic cotton production. Organic farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs which reduces it's the environmental impact. While the majority of our shirts, t-shirts and chinos are made from either organic or responsibly sourced cotton our goal is to be at 100% by 2023.

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Our Japanese Eco Denim is built in a facility that recycles 98% of its water, relies on alternative energy resources, and re-purposes byproducts to create premium jeans minus the waste. On average, production in the industry consumes 80L of water for a single pair of jeans - Saitex does it with 1.5L. They are also Fairtrade and Bluesign certified so put their worker's health and safety at the forefront of what they do, along with their environmental impact.

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Not all merino is created equal. Ours is made with the world’s leading ethical merino farmers. ZQ Merino challenges century-old traditional wool practices and their farmers are held to the highest standards of farming, land management, animal welfare, and sustainable textile production. Ethical and Traceable to farm while many traditional farmers don’t know where their wool ends up, ZQ growers stay well connected with the brands that purchase theirs. A relationship that works in reverse; providing customers who buy ZQ certified product with the ability to trace the origins of the merino wool used back to the farms where it was grown, proving the integrity of the fibre.

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