With the start of the colder months it’s a great time to refresh and update your wardrobe knitwear. It’s also a useful time to have information close at hand about washing these items. Make sure you follow the clothing’s instruction label because there are so many types and qualities of wool.

We talked to our friends over at ecostore to get some general tips on how to take care of your Barkers' knitwear.


Wash sparingly

Wool is a natural fibre that doesn’t absorb stains as readily as clothing made from other fabrics, so it won’t need washing as often. Before you wash, check whether your woollen item actually needs washing, whether in the machine or by hand. If there is dirt or a stain, it can often be brushed or dabbed out before it settles.

Be gentle

If handwashing, try not to rub woollen clothing, and if machine washing, use the setting for delicates or woollens. If hand washing, try not to run water directly onto the item, instead fill the sink and place the garment in. Soaking woollen clothing in cold water before you wash it can also help to stop these items from shrinking. In general, heat and agitation will shrink and damage wool.


Dry carefully

Avoid tumble drying wool clothing as this can damage the fibres, and don’t hang them to dry in direct sunlight as this may cause them to fade. Using a clothes rack can help to lie the garment flat to allow it to dry it in fresh air. If you need to iron the item, turn the iron to a cool setting.

Choose the right laundry product

It’s important to use a product that’s designed to clean woollens and delicate fabrics. Delicates and Wool Wash from ecostore cleans wool like merino and lambswool, as well as other delicate clothing, and can be used for hand washing, and machine washing in top or front loaders.

Caring for merino

Merino is a fine fibred wool so it’s softer than other woollens. But like other woollens it should be gently hand washed or washed on a delicate machine cycle. It shouldn’t be soaked or washed in hot water, and should be dried in shade. Try turning merino garments inside out before washing to preserve their quality.