Another season passes, another issue of Barkers' quarterly magazine, 1972.
In this issue we go 18 holes (of minigolf) with Dai Henwood and learn how he got from being a drunken comedian on the street to being the face of a family gameshow, we search for history behind The Most Badass Photograph Ever Taken in New Zealand, we tell you who’s going to win the Lions tour, and we uncover the unsung hero who invented Kiwi Onion Dip.

Also on the issue, we chat with The Chill’s Martin Phillipps, who is on the middle of a critically acclaimed nationwide tour:
We catch-up with the latest singles in rotation with The Spinoff's music critic​s. And we burst the bubble of Winston being New Zealand's Donald Trump. But don't just read it on your phone, find a beautifully tactile copy of 1972, printed on paper for your convenience, at your nearest Barkers store or check it out online.