Even after the uncertainty of the past weeks, when the official call was made for the country to go into lockdown, it was still a shock.

It felt unreal, like the start of a Hollywood movie, there is a virus attacking the world country by country. We had to get our heads around the concept of "Staying In", setting up home offices, trips to the supermarket only to find the shelves empty, conversations with our kids on why they can't hang out with their friends.

But we got through it, we adjusted to existing in our bubble. It was then that we started to appreciate the magnitude of what it takes for us to be able to stay home, safe and minimising our risk. There are everyday heroes making daily sacrifices in order to keep us safe, healthy and fed!

We wanted to pay it forward so gave away our iconic trackpants, eco denim and NZ merino to everyday heroes, nominated by their friends and family. It was heartwarming and at the same time sobering to read how these New Zealanders were there for us so wanted to share a few with you too.

My husband Jarrod ... still out there truckin. I remember he had a pair of these when we first got together 20 years ago ... from memory they were his first and only pair of trackies  - Rochelle Pye

Our amazing nurse manager Maree Davies - working tirelessly organising, keeping up with ever changing directives and caring for the our wellbeing on top of her already enormous work load. - Vanessa Tate

Our daughter Emma Campbell St John Ambulance officer in Auckland city. I cringe thinking about her performing her duties at present. Scary times. Thanks to everyone nominated on this post. You are all deserving. - Ann Campbell

Oh my goodness, these trackies take me back to when hubby and I first met 21 years ago, we were walking billboards for Barkers with the trackies and hoodies and they lasted for years!!! I would love to win a pair for my hubby Richard Lewis who is out there working frontline. - Natasha Lewis

My husband Andrew Taylor who is a frontline police officer working around the clock making sure the streets are clear & everyone is safe at home in their bubbles. He loves your jeans & could do with a new pair. - Sarah Laloli

My brother in law Leon Schou an essential worker - he is a legend! He works at all the Wellington hospitals day and night fixing all the machinery to keep everything working even though he was meant to be on annual leave. - Erin Krebs

I’d like to nominate my hubby Adam Groves who is working as a police officer, while also supporting me to keep working as an RN at the hospital. It’s also his 40th next week and he hasn’t complained about it at all even though having your 40th during lockdown is a bit sucky! - Janine Groves