This soft, breathable fabric is used for everything from our collared dress shirts to more casual items like T-shirts and shorts. A natural fibre, it comes from the cotton plant and is ideal in hot weather. It doesn’t retain odour as much as fabrics like synthetics, so you can usually go a bit longer between washes - something we recommend to minimise the environmental footprint of your garment. Another bonus? 100% cotton garments are less inclined to pill.

The way you care for a cotton garment varies depending on the density of the weave or knit. Very light cotton shirts should be hand-washed to prevent undue stress on the fabric and its seams, however medium and heavyweight shirts and trousers can be machine washed - as can most T-shirts. When machine washing, try to use a cold or warm setting as this minimises your power usage and is gentler on your clothes (unless that white t-shirt is filthy of course).

As with all our garments, we recommend line-drying rather than using a tumble dryer. Not only does this extend the life of your garment, it’s also better for the environment.

Once your garment is clean and dry, steam press it with a warm/hot steam iron (cotton can withstand more heat than synthetics) and either fold or hang. T-shirts and sweaters should be folded, to avoid any stretch marks from coat hangers. Button any shirts before hanging to ensure the collar and sleeves keep their shape.