We understand the secret sauce to great denim is all about respecting the materials, the process, and the details. This means doing things the right way - not always the easiest.

Arguably, New Zealand's Cleanest Denim.

We’ve spent the last two years crafting our low impact denim range, sourcing from world-renowned denim mills and built in the world’s cleanest denim factories, and sparing no efforts when it comes to the construction - we’re doubling down on our commitment to crafting gear that is built today with tomorrow in mind, and that starts with the company we keep.

Now, we’re super stoked to be using Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact measurement (EIM). We can now rate the environmental impact for every, single pair of our denim - the lower the number, the less impact. This score is stamped in the pocket of your new pair so you can trust that there’s no greenwashing. We’re not saying our denim is perfect, but by using this scoring system we have transparency in where we need to improve and, do better.

So, what is EIM scoring?

It’s a unique measurement developed to monitor the environmental impacts of finishing a garment focusing on four key benchmarks – water and energy needs, chemical impact, and worker impact. Each garment is assessed against these benchmarks and given a score.

Both our denim manufacturers use the Jeanologia EIM software and from this winter, you will start to find the individual jean scoring in the pocket of your new pair.

If you want to read more about Jeanologia’s EIM scoring – take a look here.

It’s been a while since we launched new denim, but we think it was worth the wait – clocking in with 32 options. 13 washes. 3 fits and 2 lengths made in the world’s cleanest denim factories.