Pure merino, with horse hair canvas chest pieces, half-lined trousers and a choice of two immaculate cuts. Even if you’re not wearing them to work, our suits are the business.
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Suit Jackets

Barker Deep Blue Jacket
Barker Powder Blue Jacket
Barker Black Suit Vest
Barker Charcoal Check Vest
Barker Navy Jacket
Raymond Black Suit Jacket
Barker Black Suit Jacket
Barker Grey Suit Jacket
Holbrook Blazer

Suit Pants

Barker Deep Blue Trouser
Barker Powder Blue Trouser
Barker Light Grey Trouser
Barker Dark Blue Trouser
Barker Navy Texture Check Trouser
Raymond Black Suit Pants
Barker Navy Trouser
Barker Grey Suit Pants
Barker Black Suit Pants